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I don't know much about them together, but I will say that their offbeat names compliment each other very well. Boy meets girl on movie set, boy and girl start dating, boy and girl make it past the two year mark as a celebrity couple and haven't had any reports of a scandal so it means they're probably doing alright. Well, that's how it's going for actress Kirsten Dunst and her boyfriend, actor Garrett Hedlund.' And he said, 'No, but I had met her a few time before, through Brad [Pitt].She was great in terms of letting us develop whatever ideas we had about our characters.We’d pick out our own wardrobe, and she’d tell us, 'You go into hair and makeup and come out the way you want.' There was no, 'Everyone else is clean-shaven, so we’re gonna put a mustache on you.' It was a beautiful permission to have, to develop the character of John.There was a huge gap of time left un-tweeted between Nov. 2014 on his Twitter account which is simply unacceptable.Well, that's certainly a sentiment that I can respect.Dunst explained feeling comfortable in her relationship to Net-A-Porter's The Edit in September saying, I've got a little bit more of a tummy now ...

that she’s “dated men who had more of a feminine side, and it didn’t work.” Dunst also revealed she’s ready to start a family.

As you may now, the 34-year-old actress split from her beau Garrett Hedlund after four years together last month. After four years of dating, Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund have pulled the plug on their relationship.

Related: Kirsten Dishes On Nudity & Being Labeled A 'Diva' But you won't find Miz Dunst dwelling on the breakup as the star in El Lay on Sunday — and the two were even spotted making out behind a fence! What do U think of this onscreen and rumored-offscreen couple, Perezcious readers?? Related: Kirsten Dunst Arrives In Studio City Ready To Sweat!

She will help during the ceremony next year by ushering presenters on and off stage and handing out awards.

The Fargo star, 33, and Pan actor, 31, met while costarring in the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road in 2011. canoe ride,” Hedlund told Details in 2013 of the duo’s disastrous first date. We fell out and had to swim back in mucky, s‑‑tty water, like golf-pond water.” The Midnight Special actress previously dated and shared an L. home with Jake Gyllenhaal, but they split in 2004 after about two years together.

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