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I’m pleased to see here serious experimentalists like Suicide and NEU!, two bands without whom so much of the 2000s could not have happened.But most punk bands played for limited audiences, released on tiny labels, and attached themselves to particular regions.Playing punk rock was not always a very popular thing to do.Pandora says that in addition to genre-focused playlists, it's also building ones for moods, activities, specific artists and "cultural moments." Premium subscribers will find them at the top of the "browse" section, with a top selection that matches up with the types of music that you listen to most frequently.Unfortunately, if you want to browse them all, there's just a giant scrolling list that you'll need to dig through.

Early 60s rockabilly, surf-rock, and bubblegum (all products of the previous decade), are of course essential to so much punk, but the novelty act is also a punk staple.But, the company finally launched a full-fledged, on-demand service earlier this year, and now it's expanding the kinds of music it curates for users.Today, Pandora Premium is launching Featured Playlists, a set of 250 curated playlists across the categories you see on pretty much every other music service out there.Two weeks is enough time to figure out if an i OS software update is having battery life issues.I haven’t noticed any impact on battery life, either positive or negative, after upgrading to i OS 10.3.3.

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