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She grabbed me by the arm and we headed back towards the school. I remember going to various places with my Mom trying to find my brother. I remember playing little league with many of the guys I grew up with, who continued at Our Lady of the Angels and graduated from there.”Sister of John Manganello. After lunch, Elizabeth's brother, John, would walk her to the corner and watch her walk to her building before he went into the school. “He is missed to this day.”Michael has been a firefighter and holds the rank of lieutenant for over 24 years in the Chicagoland area.

He is a well known author, lecturer and instructor for the fire service throughout the country.

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I remember crying but really didn't understand the full scale of what was happening.As we were trying to get away from the school I remember seeing huge firetrucks and hearing people screaming and crying. I saw fire trucks that I had never seen before flying down the street.The streets and sidewalks were very slippery because I remember falling.”Rick attended morning Kindergarten and was fortunately at home at the time of the fire. I didn't know what was on fire, but I remember thinking, 'There must be a big fire someplace!I heard a lot of people crying and screaming and running around.Each December 1st, seems to bring back blurred visions of the fire.

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