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” as they drove on, his wife would certainly have been unsurprised.For although Andrew and Fergie have never been closer, living together at Royal Lodge, purchasing ski lodges and living to all appearances like a married couple, there is undisguised hatred between Fergie and Prince Philip.

Speculation that they may one day remarry continues to buzz, but the truth is that such a reunion could never happen while Prince Philip still has breath in his body.

The former royal couple would have divorced 20 years ago, but that doesn’t stop them spending time together.

In fact, their most recent outing together coincided with a very special occasion: the day they would have been celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.

Both Kylie and Andrew’s representatives have yet to comment on the reports but all eyes will be on Pippa Middleton’s wedding this summer to see if she comes as Andrew’s guest.

The rumours are fuelled by the fact that Kylie was awarded the Britain-Australia Society Award last year by Prince Phillip at a private ceremony.

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