Sample dating profile questions

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Faith is probably one of the hinkiest things I’ve noticed on these dating sites.

You’ll get a guy who says he is “Spiritual but not religious,” but then every other word in his profile will be about God; or you will get a woman who says she is a “Christian / Catholic,” but then she’ll post multiple pictures where she is posed provocatively in a boob-enhancing tank top. If you are an Atheist, then say so; don’t worry about offending a Christian – let her know up front that she will be unequally yoked and vice versa.

I think it is probably advisable to check the top button, saying you only want to see matches with photos. If, like me, you prefer to date a man who is taller than you – then say so! If you do not like scrawny women, then don’t check “slender”.

Even though Wayne is correct that everyone will eventually start to look the same, it is also imperative that you be able to weed out those who have easily recognizable personal deal-breakers. I am 5’10”, or at least 6′ with heels, so a 6′ or taller man was my ideal. Do not be afraid of “About Average” as it is a great catch-all when you aren’t really sure what category you are or that you want. 🙂 If education matters, then say so — and don’t lie about your own.

The first part of the process was filling out the profile questionnaire. I guess its inclusion does give you an instant way to cut some of the chaff, however; because if you don’t believe in Astrology, then you can immediately pass on some guy who lists “Pisces” as if it were something to be proud of.

Almost every site has something similar, some very general and some very specific; I’ll show the one from just to give you an idea of what one of these looks like … The Body Art part bugs me; I think it is a bit forward to talk about your piercings or tattoos before actually meeting someone, especially if they are aren’t readily visible. ” After you’ve read a few posted profiles, you’ll smirk when you see how many people reply “My butt”. You have a few boxes which can accept short answers about things you like and enjoy.

The best way to learn about online dating and to make your profile stand out is to read the profile of your competition. Simply tell the truth about what you like doing now; should you become a wine connoisseur later, you can certainly update your profile.

Some of the profiles I would read made it seem as if the writer would even consider other planets. As I read his list and started filling in my own criteria, I realized that actually listing these things made it very easy to begin a rudimentary profile as well as create a process for excluding unsatisfactory profiles I would encounter.

It seems like this would be an easy enough task to complete, but you might be surprised at how quickly everything can go wrong based on misuse and misunderstanding of these two little features.

If I had a dime for every profile I have read so far where the guy writing said the last book he’d read was Dan Brown’s (which, hello – came out in 2003!

If you present yourself as one thing, then keep things consistent.

I wish I could have checked more than one box in this section…but alas; I only know English, and pig-latin wasn’t an option.

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