Rural dating nc

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As can be seen in the map above, talking about a single North Carolina “economy” doesn’t make very much sense.

On the one end, counties that are in or around metro centers have largely surpassed pre-recession levels of employment, with some counties posting 10% or greater gains. On the other end, however, many counties have not experienced what anyone would consider a return to robust economic performance.

Anything like full recovery is going to require honestly looking at what it will take for rural North Carolina to prosper in the 21st century economy.

(8) To have such right and authority to secure for said local communities or electric membership corporations as may be set up assistance from any agency of the United States government, either by gift or loan, as may be possible to aid said local community in securing electric energy for said community.

(9) To investigate all applications from communities for the formation of electric membership corporations and determine and pass upon the question of granting the authority to form such corporations; to provide forms for making such applications; and to do all things necessary to a proper determination of the question of establishment of the local electric membership corporations.

Rural Electrification Authority created; appointments; terms of members.

(3) To contact the power companies and other agencies contiguous to the area and areas desiring service, for the purpose of arranging for the extension by said companies, or other agencies, of service in that community for such extension as may be feasible for the power company, or other agency, contiguous to the area to finance itself.

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