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If you haven’t checked them out yet we have one of their songs streaming on Sound Cloud.Check out “Detective” and you can of course order the record from our website. Those who are on Instagram and follow me might have seen the work in process form the artwork for our next Cloudberry Cake Kitchen release. We are doing a full retrospective for The County Fathers from Manchester!Is it the first time I see an indiepop band named after some shoes? I remember the song “Clark’s Commandos” by Three Little Piggies, but that’s a different story.So the 7″ EP is titled “Peter Ustinov”, just like the opening track that reminds me a lot of the Television Personalities. Sir Peter Ustinov, was an English actor, writer, dramatist, filmmaker, theatre and opera director, stage designer, screenwriter, comedian, humorist, newspaper and magazine columnist, radio broadcaster, and television presenter.But to be fair, it seems that their latest song, “Out of Line”, seems to be brand new on Youtube.This song is included in their debut album titled “Geography” that is being released by Kolibri Rekords from Indonesia.

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They do seem to have been releasing stuff since 2015. I thought it was pretty funny when I found their song “Peter Ustinov” on Youtube and saw a comment saying “Annoying little tune that seems to have nothing to do with Peter Ustinov or Crockett and Jones. So Crockett & Jones is actually a shoe manufacturing company, established in 1879 by Charles Jones and Sir James Crockett in Northampton, England.

They have released a 7″ titled “Like Velcro” that has 4 songs last October.

The songs being “Short Walks”, “White & Orange”, “Longshore Drift” and “Britain’s Least Used Stations”.

They have released an album on Bandcamp titled “Drömlösa Nätter” which has 8 songs: “Faller”, “Bleka Hjärtan”, “På väg därifrån”, “Vårld av glas”, “Kall snö”, “Kom i Mitt Mörker”, “Om Vi Blundar” and “Allt Blir Bra”.

It sounds great to me and I hope it gets released in a physical format, would love to play this at home properly!

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