Paul cattermole and hannah spearritt dating

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Jo then fixes her mistake by writing and performing a song dedicating her love for him.

During which, he hooks up with the executive woman, who specialises in elevator music.

It was created and partially written by Kim Fuller, who also created and wrote the Spice Girls' film Spiceworld: The Movie.

Following a breakdown that happened on the CBBC's Channel launch day, 11 February 2002, at around 6.25pm, the planned episode was not shown.

The group arrives at the Paradise Hotel expecting to live a life of luxury, however, hotel manager Howard has other plans for S Club 7.

The hotel isn't as glamorous as the group's agent promised them.

With a hurricane on the way, Howard leaves Paul in charge of the hotel and the Hawaiian Luau party he's planned for its guests.

Unfortunately, Paul becomes extremely bossy and forces the group to wear grass skirts.

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Tina, dressed as an alien, falls asleep in a laundry truck and wakes up in a busy shopping mall on the other side of the city, where she meets a handsome photographer.Howard decides to set up a volleyball match between the two hotels and bets that S Club will lose.S Club are fuming and do everything they can to win the match.Instead, the gang find themselves working in a hotel for Howard and Marvin Borlotti and entertaining the guests of the hotel.They learn to deal with the culture shock of being in a new country and eventually enjoy and somewhat become accustomed to what America has to offer.

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