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probably inhabited the rain forests, living a hunter/gatherer lifestyle.

Most of Flores is now cleared land, and there are only a very few pockets of original rain forest remaining.

On the one hand, we have hobbits living on Flores from at least 95,000 years ago to 12,000 years ago, with the first unequivocal evidence for modern humans on Flores from about 11,000 years ago.

We have much earlier evidence, from skeletons and skulls, of modern humans in Borneo (Niah Cave) and Australia (Lake Mungo) by 40,000 years ago.

It is worth bearing in mind that these are just opinions we are expressing, not matters of fact, because we have no strong basis for settling the matter one way or the other at the present time!

I responded a little to this issue in my earlier reply to Marek's question, but I'll expand a little more here on a teasing dichotomy.

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This is certainly true of small islands, of which Flores is one.But lots of animals communicate perfectly well without structured, spoken language (including invertebrates, such as bees and ants!), so we can only guess as to what they might have sounded like.And this is the nub of the problem I haven't satisfactorily resolved in my own mind: the overlapping dates for the existence of the hobbit and the widespread dispersal of throughout Southeast Asia, versus the survival of the pygmy elephant (in particular) until 12,000 years ago.I'm less perplexed about the survival of the little people until a similarly recent time, for the reasons I expressed to Marek—that is, I think the hobbits were fully capable of looking after themselves. Nowhere else on Earth would they have survived alongside us for 30,000 years or more.

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