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Solid, traditional istallation will likely be there after your house falls down where as I have seen alot of customers unhappy with the look of floating-prefinished-laminate floors..of them in a year or sooner.have also seen some decent non solids handle alot of traffic without excessive signs of wear.

Being in the trade i would say if you can go solid because its wood and can be fix/sanded/refinished but the final call can depend alot on application and and short or long term plans.

I wouldn't go as far as saying floating is a cheaper floor.

You can't get much cheaper then a unfinished solid oak strip.

I do not aprove of this method or believe it will preform well.

It was over concrete in a highrise condo and the biss said to this was how he wanted me to do it.

It was freezing rain and a nearby transformer had blown due to the weight on the power lines. “Floating” is a sensation you can feel either with your whole body or parts of your body. Not a lot of people are talking about it in a clinical sense. These people asking the questions are looking for something to call it so they can say “such and such is wrong with me” and hope that it will go away . You already knew that because once your nervous system is in fight-or-flight, your “floating” increases.

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Not saying the product is bad, but is commonly not installed correctly or the application is wrong. Let's get a few facts straight so there is no confusion. it could be installed that way, but it would be installed the incorrect way. it costs more to manufacture as the Dude mentioned. trying to convince a prefinished is super tough is stupid. I know, from all the reading and actually seeing what a solid can and will do, the thought of floating a solid would not fly. Not saying that those product dont also have a place in price and application.Choosing carefully by viewing and talking to people that have both will help you make the right choice.I opened my eyes to see my bedroom fill with flashes of neon green.I was so confused by what my senses had revealed to me that I started to shake.

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