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Graduating, relocating for a job or for love, moving to a different state or new country—there comes a point when we can no longer just take a flight of stairs or grab a drink after work to see all our close friends.

And while there are more ways than ever to stay connected, it’s also easy to feel like you’re drifting when the extent of your staying in touch is via Facebook walls or texts.

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)And while group calls are great for close-knit groups, and for events like birthdays, wedding planning, and when you have major news to share—sometimes you need the old-fashioned one-on-one calls, too.If your friend is a car-ride away, plan dinner or a day trip a few months in advance, and ink it on your calendar. Yes, it can be expensive—but even if it’s only once a year, getting together will make a huge difference in keeping your friendships alive.Plus, you’ll get to make a new set of memories, in addition to the ones you’ve been missing from the past.A response of “hahaha” or “I remember that” or “Well what’s going on with me is…” in pink in the middle of the paragraph is a great way to really have a “conversation” over email. ) That said, don’t feel guilty about liking every one of their Instagram photos or Facebook stalking—it’s a great way to stay up to date on everyone’s lives. ”Another fun way to connect over social media is through Pinterest.It goes without saying that you should never say “Happy Birthday” only on your good friend’s Facebook wall. Instead of starting your next call with, “What’s new? I love seeing how my friends would decorate their dream kitchen or what they would wear if they could buy anything.

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