Filipina dating los angeles

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My last day in the house is etched into memory as if it had happened this morning: Me standing forlornly in the front yard as she screeched off in her car.

Later I sat in a nearby park feeling a whole new kind of emptiness as I contemplated what was to come.

“We got a complaint from your neighbor,” one of the officers says with a nod.

After they sort it out and determine we’re not committing any crimes or posing a public nuisance, I approach the neighbor, a woman in her 60s who has lived in this quiet Los Alamitos townhome complex for many years.

It was as if I had been magically transformed from an invisible older man into a rock star whose company women craved. On a deeper level, though, it appealed to my need for stability in a world in which the love I wanted seemed impossible to find.

Here was a culture in which women seemed to have traditional values, were open to matrimony, and even dreamed of blissful lives in American suburbs.

“Your personal life is In a way, I appreciate her honesty. I’m a 63-year-old white male married to a beautiful woman from the Philippines more than three decades my junior.

We met on an Internet dating site aimed at fostering international marriages.

My neighbor is expressing openly what others convey with scornful stares.

Aimed at fostering long-term relationships between Western men and Filipino women, the site allowed any man willing to pay a modest fee to advertise, respond to women’s ads, or engage in live video chats. Then I began noticing the stunning friendliness of the women I found there.

More important was their willingness—no, —to commit to someone like me.

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