Dating a pretentious man Random naked video

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I would say he's the best I've ever had (compatibility, communication, and sex wise), my only problem sometimes is when I feel like he's very secretive, making me think that he's hiding something. I am a Taurus women involved with a Piscean man since last one year.

We always tend to make up right away and I feel we get closer and closer every day.I know he basically lives for me (his own words) but I am constantly afraid that he is too wrapped up in me and his past is plagued by unfinished things.I am worried that he incapable of sticking and finishing something he starts without getting bored and moving on to the next whim.We haven't met in person yet but our connection is unlike anything I have experienced because we talk for hours on the phone about everything and even though this is all so new, there is something very special about our little connection.I plan on visiting him next month and hopefully our chemistry will be the same or even better in person. I have been in an on/off relationship with a Pisces male for four years. I contacted him and we reconnected immediately, by phone, he begged me to have sex with sex, because he lives in a different state. After we reconnected by phone, we stopped for a week or so, and started emailing and texting each other, then the truth came out about him dating some girl..I loved him and he said he loved me too, and how I had confused and complicated his new relationship...came home and we made love and he said that he wouldn't be able to stop making love with me...a few weeks later I get an email from the girl saying they were engaged to be married and, he sent a counter email, saying that it wasn't true, later he admitted to me that it was true, that after we made love, he was trying to tell her it was over, but that she was getting angry and wouldn't accept it.

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