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Although his murderous career as a thief was over by the time Robert De Niro depicted Jimmy Burke in the 1990 movie Goodfellas, there is more than a little irony to be gleaned from a fellow criminal's description of Burke as "the kind of guy who cheered for the crooks in the movies".

In effect, he offers a profound critique of the market fundamentalism now prevalent in Western society.

It is to preserve a social order which addresses the needs of generations past, present and future.

The paradox of Burke’s conservatism is thus that, properly understood, it is intrinsically modest, while extreme liberalism appears to promote arrogance and selfishness.

Their common theme is his detestation of injustice and the abuse of power. He often over-reached himself, he rarely exercised real political power, and he was variously denounced as vainglorious, a blowhard and an irrelevance.

A man of enormous personal warmth and good humour, he lost friends and supporters thanks to his near-obsessive insistence on the campaigns of the moment.

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