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The ironic twist was that in March of that year President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Volstead Act effectively ending Prohibition and legalizing the production of alcohol.

No one was ever charged for the murders of Joe or Paul Giovingo.

On February 13, 1933 Giovingo was driving his Chevrolet Coupe through Rockford when he was ambushed and sprayed with multiple shotgun and revolver bullets.

He was very much dead and in a final symbol of defiance was found clutching his pistol.

Strangely enough Kalb operated with independence throughout the bloody era surrounding Prohibition and did not take the rise of the Musso crew seriously.

Just as Al Capone and the earliest signs of The Outfit grabbed control of the Windy City rackets under threats of murder, the Rockford crime family would emerge in the same fashion and despite the FBI labeling the crime family 'dormant' or 'extinct'; they are anything but that and remain active to this day.Caltagerone was an associate to the fast upstart Joe Zammuto, who later became crime boss of Rockford and was making a name for himself.Caltagerone had fought alongside Musso during the Prohibition years.Nearly a year before Giovingo's release one of his loyalist, Jack De Marco, had returned from a stint in Leavenworth.While in the comforts of his own residence and having a homecoming celebration masked gunmen barged in, ordered his family into another room and shot De Marco dead.

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