Archaeological dating history

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Stein -- The foundations, practice, and limitations of ceramic dating in the American Southwest / Eric Blinman -- Seven decades of archaeological tree-ring dating / Stephen E.Nash -- The introduction of radiocarbon dating / R. Taylor -- Thirty years of archaeomagnetic dating / Jeffrey L.The article talked about how the fish would recycle older carbon from the river which made the carbon dating of the fish appear to be much older than reality.Results of the carbon dating test revealed a carbon dating error of up to 2000 years due to the reservoir effect.

By 1931, four Southwestern archaeological research institutions had hired dendrochronologists to conduct archaeological tree-ring dating in support of their various research interests.

This contribution examines the basics of dendrochronology as it has been practiced for nearly eight decades.

After watching today’s video lecture, it was very interesting to find out all the issues archaeologists must face when implementing the various dating methods.

Dendrochronology, the science of assigning precise and accurate calendar dates to annual growth rings in trees, was the first independent dating technique available to prehistorians.

Archaeological tree-ring dating came of age at a time when North American archaeologists concerned themselves primarily with time-space systematics, yet had no absolute and independent dating techniques available to guide their analyses.

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