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Whether you're on your first smartphone or your seventh, settings are or will be one of your best friends.

Settings help you protect your privacy, save on battery life, silence notifications, and can make your device easier to use.

When Spy Hunter does not activate or update properly, it is often because of a problem on your computer.

If you decide to purchase a smart appliance, a smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo, or set up home automation, you'll need to know how to access and adjust important settings, just as you do with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other electronics.

Before we had all these electronic devices, we had devices that had their own sort-of-similar settings.

You can: On a smartphone, data refers to any way that you use the web, including email, web surfing, playing games that serve ads, or getting turn-by-turn directions.

In this area of settings, you may also be able to view how much data you've consumed for the month and which of your apps are using the most of it.

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